Vegetarian and Vegan


Whilst we prepare your food

Olives £4.50

Wasabi Peanuts & Smoked Almonds £4.50

Vegan bread and olive oil £2.00 per person


Cream of celeriac soup with roast hazelnuts and truffle oil £7.50

 Spicy tomato tartare, Burrata di mozzarella, micro basil

(Vegan replacement available)

Twice baked Old Winchester cheese souffle, chive cream sauce £9.50

Main Course

Sweet potato, banana and cashew nut Malay curry, basmati rice, papadum £18.95

Asian stir-fried vegetables, peanut, coriander, Halloumi £18.95

(Vegan replacement available)

“Bruschetta” risotto with slow roast tomato, red onion, walnut pesto and rocket £18.95

(Vegan replacement available)

Vegan brownie, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream £7.95

Banana Fritter, maple syrup, ice cream £7.95

Fruit granola crumble, custard £7.95

Mixed ice cream £7.50

Please note we are unable to offer reduced portion sizes
Please switch your mobile phones to silent.
Value added tax @ 12.5% food 20% alcohol is inclusive.
Service is not included.

If you have a food intolerance or allergy, please tell us as you order.
The onus is upon you to inform us of any allergy. Do not assume that because an allergen is not listed above, it has not been used in the creation of your meal.